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    It has been 40 years of experience in polymers, operating in a variety of areas developing cutting-edge technology with innovation and the constant seed for the improvement of processes and products with low environmental impact. Utilizing natural and renewable raw material.

    From the specification to the Project. From the development to the manufacture of silicone and rubber parts, Kehl is specializes in the whole process, since 1970 no matter what your area of activity is: Metallurgical Industry, Transport Industry, Mining, Domestic Appliances, Electro-Electronic, Agro-Industry, Agriculture, Veterinary, and Hospital and Medical Equipment.

    The polymer field consists in different kinds of parts since paints to biodegradable packaging, and all of them is manufactured with natural and renewable sources. Our researches always seek new sustainable materials to be used in goods manufacturing process. Kehl develops biodegradable and compostable parts with innovative technology at a lower price than which ones that are produced with oil. Our resin and binders were tested by the University of New South Wales in Australia and approved in most rigorous world market. We have adhesives for different kinds of materials.

    We have developed cannulas since 1990 with Embrapa and Bar Diamond Inc. . It is used in veterinary and made with silicone and rubber. The cannulas were tested at University of Campinas about applying sub-cutaneous non toxic in animals.


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